• There is a fascinating emerging body of knowledge in the field of adult development.
  • Notably, the insights around cognitive development are not fully accessible yet.
  • How would our world look if we applied these evolving insights to the fields of businesses, education, politics etc?
  • CAD, the Center of Applied of Dialectics, opens up a platform for practitioners in the field of adult development, integrating research into their practice, exchanging findings and thereby nourishing each other, empowering others to do likewise.


Upcoming Salons

Topic of this series, starting in autumn 2023:
How to scaffold metasystemic/dialectical cognition in yourself and in others
The goal of the series of Salons would be to identify effective approaches for scaffolding metasystemic/dialectical thinking.

The next dates: 

  • Sat Dec 9: 4th Salon in the "Scaffolding" Series, with Bernhard Possert sharing AI-powered dialectical sparring partners, with critical feedback of John Steward, Otto Laske and others; Melbourne Time: 10am; CET: Midnight; NY/Eastern Time: Dec8th!, 6pm; link to calendar entry
  • Tue Dec 21st, 6pm CET: Otto Laske: Celebrating new Books and Film: more information and registration:  
  • Mo Jan 8th 2024, Salon with Otto Laske: “CDF-2023: A philosophical critique of CDF”; 1pm NY/Eastern time / 7pm CET; link to calendar entry
  • Wed Feb 7th, 7pm CET: Anssi Balk: "Applying Modern Learning Design Principles to Constructive Developmental Theory"
    Despite its potential, Adult Development Theory remains underutilized in the L&D field. To make this theory more accessible, scalable and impactful, we must reimagine learning processes where it is use and harness the possibilities of modern technology. Join our webinar to explore Metaskills framework and app, presenting a practical and innovative approach to applying constructive developmental theory that genuinely resonates with all kinds of people, helping them recognize its profound relevance to their lives and personal challenges. Link to calendar entry

The zoom link for all Salons: 

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Past Salons:

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CAD - Otto Laske / 

  • Otto Laske entrusted his intellectual heritage to CAD. We are grateful to Otto Laske for this generous contribution.
  • Fraendi is using his material to train people to develop individual profiles. If you are interested to work with this material please contact Rainer / to get trained and licensed.   

The setup of CAD is financially supported by the EU, as it is part of the CADRA project - Cognitive Adult Development, from Research to Application - see