• There is a fascinating emerging body of knowledge in the field of adult development.
  • Notably, the insights around cognitive development are not fully accessible yet.
  • How would our world look if we applied these evolving insights to the fields of businesses, education, politics etc?
  • CAD, the Center of Applied of Dialectics, opens up a platform for practitioners in the field of adult development, integrating research into their practice, exchanging findings and thereby nourishing each other, empowering others to do likewise.

Next Salon:

Sept 27, 7:00-9:00 pm CET

Jan De Visch

(R)evolutionize Leadership Development and Performance Management

Zoom link to join the call:

Using provocative propositions, short break-out discussions, one real-life example, and a series of compacted insights, we create a dialogue to shape the future and lay the foundation for creating more humane organizations.

Human centered practices must support employees in the meaningful difference they want to make. This interactive session will explore what this means and how one can radically reshape leadership development and performance management. These are processes in which the relationship is shaped differently between evolving job design, individuals growing in perspective-taking, and teams dealing with the integration of shifting perspectives.

I hope you can join us! Please invite your colleagues to join as well, as we look to grow our community.

Salons always contain these elements: information, experience, reflection and connection.

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Starting with autumn 2022 we are planning diversify the format:

  1. Salons:
    1. Presentations
    2. Dialogues between expert practitioners
  2. Community dialogues
    1. sharing practices
    2. bringing in wicked questions that arise in practice
  3. Applied work
    1. Dialectical Case Clinics ((c) kaa)
      “real” people, from outside the community, bringing in questions, getting dialectical support from the communitywith a debrief so that we as a community can integrate the experience
    2. wicked world questions (hunger/peace/justice/…), with one person holding the topic

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Past Salons:

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The current expert practitioners holding the platform:

CAD - Otto Laske / 

  • Otto Laske entrusted his intellectual heritage to CAD. We are grateful to Otto Laske for this generous contribution.
  • Fraendi is using his material to train people to develop individual profiles. If you are interested to work with this material please contact Rainer / to get trained and licensed.   

The setup of CAD is financially supported by the EU, as it is part of the CADRA project - Cognitive Adult Development, from Research to Application - see